Monday, November 21, 2005

Be first with Microsoft


Im proud to announce, that the last project I was working on, was awarded
with a price in "Be first with Microsoft" contest, for 20 best SQL 2005
ready applications in Poland. :)

IDummy is....


Again it was a long time from my last post... probably because again I
had hardly any time for life. During last days I took a closer look at
Microsoft Excel Interop. Funny thing... you can find there IDummy
interface :) funny name... however it turnes out that this is a part of
debugging code facilities of excel.
Anywayzzz funny naming convention :)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Me Lap is back

Finally I got my laptop back :)
As we talk - me write - about the laptops I must confess that there is an idea going arround my mind for some time alreadu :) I had this idea to have an inteligent picture frame :) and as I was looking for a propper hardware I came across to this page This crazy guy did what I was thinking about :) Nice isnt it :) imagine a frame that is cappable of displaying moving pics like in HP......

...and who said that you got to buy is for a cheap of money, DIY and GO :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Security for 150%


Today I had a little work do to. Some friend of mine bought DSL and he wanted me to install a firewall and do some security tuneup. Nothing unusual. Because he has a son I told him that I'll create an account (WinXP) for him and another for his son. Offcourse his with password and full priviledges and sons account a little bit restricted. Nothing fancy. Just to keep a little one from installing everything he'll find. So I did as I told. We all 3 were sitting in front of the PC. I was doing some admin stuff. At one point, the son asked his father: "What is your password" and guess what... father told him the password. :/ I was totally flushed :(

no further comment

Konfabulate it


Another great piece of software went free. There is this great visual widgets system called Konfabulator. I used it for some time, but unfortunetly it was a trial that after expiration was nagging all the time about the registration. Few days ago I checked the site again and.... now its free :)

im sooo........ happy about that
soo happy that maybe ill do my own widget was here times...